Supporting Materials for Sir! No Sir!

Welcome to the Library

The Sir No Sir! Libraries offer a wide variety of supporting materials for the events and activists featured in the film, as well as access to a large body of primary source materials placing the events featured in the film in the context of similar events that occurred between 1965 and 1973. These Materials are organized into five virtual floors.

  • First Floor - Reading Room

    The materials here are limited to the interviewees, events and themes featured in Sir No Sir! For example, if after watching the film you are interested in finding out more about the events at the Presidio in the fall of 1968, this section of the library will provide you with links to all articles written about the Presidio, and published in the GI underground press as well as the official reports of investigations into events at the Presidio commissioned by the Department of Defense. Likewise, if you are interested in a specific activist, such as Donald Duncan or Susan Schnall, you can find links to every article written by or about these individuals.

  • Second Floor - Sir! No. Sir! Database

    A searchable database of more than 650 articles published in the GI press between 1967 and 1973. These can be searched by key words, dates, names and places.

  • Third Floor - Sir! No Sir! Subject Index

    Like the first floor, the subject index is broadly subdivided into three main areas - activists, events and themes. Unlike the first floor, however, the materials are not limited to the interviewees, events and themes featured in Sir No Sir! Instead, it places these within the wider context of the GI movement and underlines the fact that the moments featured in the film were part of an unfolding struggle that swept the length and breadth of the US military during the Vietnam era.

  • Fourth Floor - Pamphlets, Petitions and Flyers

    The materials here are not limited to those produced by GIs, but instead they situate the GI movement within a larger matrix and network of supporters and support groups. It includes pamphlets produced to draw attention to the legal plight of specific GIs, reports from Coffeehouses and other GI projects, descriptions and discussions of the GI moveement for non-military audiences as well as flyers and broadsides announcing GI-Civilian antiwar demonstrations and other protests.

  • Fifth Floor - Investigations, Transcripts and Reports

    The Sir! No Sir!Library collection of investigations, transcripts and reports are drawn from a number of different sources, including court martial records, official military investigations , Congressional Committee hearings and soldier led investigations of military activities in Vietnam. In the case of two sets of records, the Army's internal investigations of the killing of Richard Bunch and the brief sit-in by 27 of his fellow inmates at the Presidio to protest his murder, this is the first time they have been published anywhere.


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