Review: Displaced in the New South

Film's Images Inspire Indigos

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/28/97

So when exactly did Atlanta filmmaker David Zeiger realize his documentary, "Displaced in the New South" provided the inspiration for that peppy Indigo Girls single, "Shame on You?" About the time that the Decatur duo's label, Epic Records, and manager Russell Carter rang him to request footage to be used in the Girls' upcoming video. "A mutual friend had gotten them a tape of the film a while ago and I never heard anything," Zeiger told us Tuesday. "I was really surprised that the topic (the lives of illegal Mexican and Vietnamese immigrants in North Georgia) ended up as a song." Amy Ray, who requested the 45 to 60 seconds of footage be added to the video even gushed to fledgling local music 'zine, "Stomp & Stammer": I saw this really cool movie called 'Displaced in the New South' and there was a whole section of it about Gainesville and the poultry industry up thereŠand then later on down the road I heard they were starting to crack down on illegal immigrants up there, working at those factories. To me, it's like God, how hypocritical can you get? You're running this chicken company, you're raking in millions and the city's making money off it and at the same time, the city's going, 'What are all these illegal immigrants doing here?'"